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DIY SmartStart

QR Code Quick Scan

No matter Andorid or iPhone, just share your DIY with your families or clients by a quick scan Simply smartstart with a quick scan of QR code.,SwitchDIY® transforms the house or the apartment into an intelligent home. Easy to remote control via a reality keypad switch on the wall, or with the virtual APP switch of smartphone.

DIY Advanced

Scene + Text
Scene zRoom4 zHouseTouch zRoom RFID zHouse zRoom7
Text Day Night
Home Away
Auto Timer
Home Away
2 OK 3
Home Away
Day Night
Light on Light off
Book TV Music

Switch Virtual+Switch Reality

Space What? Why? How? Where? Who?
Tips Geofence Scene AV Cam For 2nd home or Big property Take photo Add IP devices Map location Switch to new space Name Photo Devices

Smarthome Virtual

Rule What? Why? How? When? Where?
Tips Creat your favorite scenes Timer or Keypad or Sensor trigger Just record or pick your favorite rules After add your devices Sycn Keypad With APP


Match the color and sign to your smarthome styles


SwitchDIY® provides whole smarthome solutions for lighting,climate,access,security,mobile and property, and making home automation easier than ever. To Space,To Rule,To Scene,To Text or To Label your lights, blinds, air conditioning, heating, boilers,TV,DVD,projectors,cameras, alarms,sirens or almost everything with electric of your DesignZoo. SwitchDIY® Advanced solution is Extremely convenient. So comfortable. Very energy efficient. Especially attractive. Only minimal costs compared to conventional professional electrical installations or hi-tech system integrators.

About our APP Developer

iHomap is the developer of smarthome Value added cloud service platform, our key products are the private label Smarthome APP for telco service provider, and white label iHomap Energy efficient comfortable IOT systems for property developer and management. We established the strategic partnership with Wintop,Vera, GlobalCache, Orange and Bezek etc. with our value added advanced solution for the smarthome and hi-tech silicon valley Energy efficient systems.