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Zoo 82Z

Key Products-Design Zoo, Switch Pure & Clear

Design Zoo Pure 82Z

DesignZoo Pure features a classic colour palette, but in the unmistakable, circular shape of the design line.

The completely solid-coloured panel are available in five: glossy pure white, glossy pure black,matt aluminium,anthracite and champange.

Design Zoo Clear 82ZC

DesignZoo Clear draws out colours with a particular luminosity.

The design is unique by its clarity,visual depth and high-gloss surface – an effect created by transparent palstics on top of a coloured background.

This changes the way the light falls upon the colours, and they develop a unique intensity. Clear is available in white, black,grey and ivory.

DesignZoo Pure Glass 82ZG

Design Zoo Pure Glass are made of original glass, which is a pure natural material.

The colours appear brighter or darker at times depending on the lighting conditions.

This effect is further emphasised by the curved form of the glass.

Pure glass is available in the white and black

Products zRoom4 zHouse zHouseTouch eHouse eHouseTouch European Socket
Highlight1 Functions SwitchDIY Scene SwitchDIY Switch SwitchDIY Switch Wintop AI Switch Wintop AI Switch French Socket Shuko Socket
Highlight2 Installation Battery L/N L/N L/N L/N L/N
Highlight3 IOT Z-Wave Z-Wave Z-Wave WiFi WiFi -


  • 82Z Schuko socket
  • 82Z zHouseFour Scene Controller
    82Z zHouseFour Scene Controller
  • Wintop SwitchDIY zHouse scene controler white
    zHouse scene controller,white
  • 82ZC Smart zRoom 4 scene controller,
  • 82ZC Smart zRoom 2 scene controller EU,White
    82ZC Smart zRoom 2 scene controller,
  • 82ZG Smart zRoom 4 scene controller EU,Black Glass
  • 82Z French socket