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Surface finishing

Surface Finishing

Wintop’s expertise in surface finishing dates back to the company’s introduction of Switch line in the 2001.

Since then, the company has leveraged its knowledge in operating these types of unique processes to expand its offering to include decorative and functional coatings.

Wintop’s decorative surface finish capabilities include anodizing, sand blasting, diamond cutting and laser marking, commonly used for Switch & IoT device housings and other consumer electronics products. The company also provides Vacuum Metallization to provide EMI/RF shielding.

Request Information About Insert Molding Anodizing:
Wintop’s computer-controlled anodizing system allows for rapid color matching in development and high quality consistent color repeatability in production. Wintop’s state-of-the-art anodizing products can support the production of up to five colors at a time with an additional five colors available, creating maximum flexibility in the anodizing process. Painting and Powder Coating:
Wintop offer manual spray, automatic spray and robotic spray for both its painting and powder coating services to deliver customers exceptional surface finishing for plastic and metal components.
Vacuum Metallizing:
Wintop's vacuum metallizing prodcuts is used to deposit coatings of aluminum, copper, silicone bronze, aluminum bronze, nickel-chrome, nickel and silver on most plastics and glass. The thickness of the vacuum metallizing coatings can range from 0.05 microns to 0.4 microns for a single cycle.

In addition to its in-house capabilities, Wintop leverages its network of supplier relationships to offer customers a comprehensive surface finishing solution.