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Wintop Automation Production

Automation Equipment & Assembly Solutions :
Robotic Based Handling & CNC Systems. From its 30,000 square meters facility in Shanghai, Wintop Automation delivers assembly solutions ranging from single station work cells to fully-automatic robotic assembly systems. The company’s automation capabilities include rotary handling systems, fully automated and semi-automated systems as well as non-synchronous, rotary dial and cam operated automation. Wintop Automation’s solutions help us increase plant productivity and efficiency by employing mistake-proof techniques into the automated assembly process.

Process Capabilities
High speed feed and assemble
Ultrasonic, resistance, RF and laser welding
Reel feed and place
Dispense and UV cure
Multi-axis bending and forming
Vision inspect
Robotic and CNC motion control

Automation Capabilities
Robotic Handling Systems
Single Station Work Cells
Fully and Semi-automatic
Rotary Dial
Cam Operated