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i32 Smart Hotel Room Security

i32 Hotel Room shading control system provide precision control of daylight and lamp light all at the sensor of a NFC Card or Smartphone.

NFC hotel room access and Automation Solutions

Back room, NFC phone sense the lock,zAirco bring fresh air, iModuleDim dim on the soft light,iModuleShutter move up the shades;
Leave room,NFC phone sense the lock,zAirco change the airco to off mode,iModuleDim dim off the light softly, iModuleShuttermove down the shades;
When you open the window, zAirco will turn off the Airco automatically to reduce the energy cost; When you close the window,zAirco will turn off or turn on based on the temperature detected close to the window glass.
New Product iLock

Best Product iModuleShutter

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