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To support new volume production at our facilities, Wintop’s Application Design Services department develops applications solutions, leveraging the expertise of the 30+ Wintop engineers supporting customers around the globe. The group works with Wintop’s global operations to offer applications development, new product design and new product development services for a variety of industries and technologies.

1.Solid Modeling and Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Evaluation
Design Validation & Product Development
2.Packaging Integration
3.Electrical and Thermal Profiling
4.Quick-Turn Prototype
5.Electro-Mechanical Design for Electronic
6.Packaging, Electrical Interconnect and Connector applications.
7.Component Development - small metal and plastic parts and assemblies - for connectors, switches, and modules.

Capacibilty to design and develop new IoT System Connected Products& Electronic Products

1. ProEngineering/3D Design & Prototype
2. SoC System Design
3. Protel PCBA Layout Design
4. AutoCAD Molds and Die Design
5. IEC/FCC/BS /EMC Standard
6. IoT Protocals Z-Wave IR WiFI IP Zigbee Bluetooth RS232 KNX