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Lux 63L

The Lux White range reaches from wiring devices, through innovative radio automation solutions up to fully networked home automation in a unique aesthetics.

DesignZoo Space Cultural & Event Centre .cool colors

  • lux sliver shuko socket
  • Lux RC+LED single 2-way dimmer-150W
    The Wintop Universal Led Dimmer 1355 is an electronic dimmer suitable for dimming of all incandescent, (LV)halogen and most brands /models of dimmable LED lamps, such as Philips and the above mentioned iLed. Optimize the dimming function of the connected
  • lux ivory-2
    CCC/NF/KEMA/FIMKO Approved
  • lux ivory un
  • lux ivory double switch
  • lux ivory shutter