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Mini RFID Keypad

Z-wave Security Devices

Home/Away Access Control

“Home” and “Away” buttons allow the arming and disarming of Z-wave security system or running any automation scenario.

Password Buttons

User identification

4 numbers and an exra OK button will create hundreds user codes which also can identify that which user is using keypad,

RFID Tags/Key Fobs Standard


up to 256 users/scenes, user/scene identification.

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Battery powered

2 x AA 1,5V batteries

Very low power consumption for 2-3 years
Low power indication
Low battery auto report



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Wintop Orange Vera Benext Zipato


Wall or Desk as Handheld

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Put on any Desk as Handheld device or Surface wall installation with system 63 frames or without like a switch


Color options and engraved symbols Libary.

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White,I vory,Antraciet,Silver color to match the standard frames Or customized colors/symbols

Safety Regulation

• EMC 2004/108/EC • R&TTE 1995/5/EC • LVD 2006/95/EC • FCC Part 15


  • NFC Remote Tag Reader- White-Inner box
    zRoom RFID Keypad
  • Wintop RFID Keypad tag Reader Z-Wave-EU FREQUENCY
    RFID tag reader arm or disarm your house by valid RFID tag(13.56MHz,ISO 14443A) or pressing right code Active scenarios with "home", "away" or presetting mode by different home id send an alarm message when tampered