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iOS HelloPad Flush

WiFi Devices


Able to create, design and deploy a unique control solution that was able to handle the nearly 30 million commands required to audition a 5.1 audio system.

iPad Touch free

Wake and unlock iPadAir magically

New technology to magically wake and unlock (patent pending) an iPad Air™ once the user’s hand approaches the screen. The user doesn’t need to press any button or unlock the device to access the control interface.

Versatile and Customizable UI

Quick deployment to customers' installations

User interface with graphics enhanced creativity and customization for each specific client scenario ranging from single-room theaters to multi-zone home automation projects for lighting, media and entertainment, as well as heating and cooling systems.

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Integrated Power Supply

International Univeral Power width voltage


Scene Control

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Wintop MIOS Vera or Global Cache



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Available with flush mounting box, the mounting angle can be adjusted to every direction to adapt to uneven walls or sufaces.

Design & Style

Arctect design, Color options: Black or White

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Just one beautiful piece of sturdy glass mounted on a robust aluminium frame.


  • Inno Control Panel HelloPad