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Wintop 2018-2019 New Products Launch

1. Do you ever visit one of our events or do you have the plan to visit in the future?

2. We launch some of the new Products in different events, you are welcome to support us with your ideas or invest with us for these new products?

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New Products

Installation Keypad Switch Socket with LED RC+LED Dimmer RC+LED Sensor
Switch Zoo 82Z Face 55F Karat 55K Future 55FC
Smarthome i1D+ zRoom RGBW i5D+ zRoomAV
i23 zRoom
i41 zHouse
IOT®Devices iLedRGBW zRoom4 eHouse iModuleMini SwitchDIY®
Smarthome Space AR Scene AR Switch
Technology Dual Material
Support Frame
Fast Terminals Dual Material
Led Panel
Multi protocals
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