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The Wintop Consultants Network is a community of independent companies who offer a range of solutions and professional services based around Wintop products, and who pride themselves on delivering the highest quality of service to their clients.

As a member, you can gain access to exclusive resources and training from Wintop to help build a successful Wintop-focused consulting business.

Benefits and steps

Becoming a member of the Wintop Consultants Network is the ideal way to be recognised for your knowledge and expertise. Wintop offers a range of resources to help expand your market reach, including:

– Use of Wintop Consultants Network logo and Member Profile listing on the Consultant Locator

– Regular DesignZoo trainning

– Access to online Catalogue and marketing material

– You can use your speical ID code to login to our partner online store iHomap.com to buy the SwitchDIy and professional trainning products with speical membership discount.

-You are provided with IoT Systems Products Support and Wiring Devices and Functions Supportwith our experts group.


Whether you join the Wintop Consultants Network to offer services for Switch & SwitchDIY, IoT System Products or both, you'll need to meet some minimum technical requirements within 90 days of membership activation.
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To join the Wintop Consultants Network, start Registerby completing the online application.

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