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  • iTach Wired TCP/IP to IR(IP2IR)
    Z-Wave WiFi类产品 IP类产品 IR红外产品 RFID无线射频 KNX系统 RS232 RS485 ZigBee Enocean iTach TCP/IP to IR (Infrared Control) Seamlessly connect, monitor, and control infrared devices over a network and the Internet. The iTach TCP/IP (Ethernet) devices provi
  • iModuleDim Remote Build-in Dimmer Module-inner box
    Quick start iModuleDim Product Number 13732R-S0084-P950
  • iTach TCP/IP to IR (Infrared Control) With Power Over Ethernet
    ip2ir globalcache gc smarthome
  • iTach Flex WiFi
  • Inno Control Panel HelloPad