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Dimmable LED Lamp

Atmosphere with radiance. The Dimmable LED lamps lend lighting design a new quality. Its straight-lined design highlights the architecture and stimulates emotions. The pleasant light lends each room an evocative atmosphere. And the high-quality technology makes them robust, long-lived, and efficient. And thus new perspectives are opened for design, lighting, orientation, and the provision of information.

  • Lux RC+LED single 2-way dimmer-150W
    The Wintop Universal Led Dimmer 1355 is an electronic dimmer suitable for dimming of all incandescent, (LV)halogen and most brands /models of dimmable LED lamps, such as Philips and the above mentioned iLed. Optimize the dimming function of the connected
  • TABLET 双控RC+LED调光器-豪华灰
  • Face RC+LED two way Rotary Dimmer with white frame
    RC+LED Dimmer 13552 No humming noise Technology of transistors and IC Prefectly harmonize with Philips LED lamps Use only a fifth of the energy of conventional lamps, but produce the same results as the conventional incandescent lamps Uni