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iHub Control Centres are the heart and brain of the Z-Wave network. They allow to built, manage and operate the Z-Wave based home network. They integrate the adapter to the wireless network and the control software with a graphical user interface typically accessible using web browsers or mobile devices such as pads or phones. Therefore they need to be connected to the internet. Therefore control centres are also referred to as IP Gateways. Beside access and management. Control centres also support complex control operations such as scene control or other automated actions in the network.。


  • iHubPro(Vera3)--Gateway Home Controller-White
  • icamera Wifi-white-in bulk
    ip camera zwave z-wave
  • iHubRoom Z-Wave controller
    Compatibilities and availabilities VeraEdge works perfectly with Z-wave devices .like locks, Sensors, Lighting, Security & Alarms devices, Remote Controllers, Smart Meters, creating various completed smart home solution for you : Shading & Lighting Autom
  • Wintop SwitchDIY iHubPlus Z-Wave/Zigbee
  • iHubPlus
    vera ihub ihubplus zigBee Z-Wave