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Panic/Emergency Call Switches

Emergency call Buttons System 63

11900L-Sxxx System63

1184R iAlarm

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By pressing the emergency call button an alarm message is generated in the form of a continuous audible signal and a flashing signal light outside the toilet. Pressing the stop pushbutton, which is preferably installed next to the WC door, acknowledges the alarm and the relief light as well as the acoustic and optical signal go out. Offers the option of setting up call systems for toilets for the disabled in all public areas.

Emergency Pull Switches System 63 and Karat

11960L-Sxxx System 63 11960K-LED-Sxxx Karat

The system is ideal for areas in which people with a mobility handicap or others in need can call for assistance like in Hospital. The LED (relief light) integrated into the Pull Switch indicates to the person needing help that her/his call has been recognized.

zRoom Surface Emergency


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LED button of zRoom Surface Emergency Switch indicates that help is on the way, for hotel room or service apartment

Touch zHouse Emergency


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Status led and sound indicator,for House Eldercare


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