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Lighting Switches

Lighting Switch Module


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Wiring indicator. 10AX -10- 16AX option-16- LED indicator option 1117x-Sxxx Push button Wireless Z-wave iModule option 114x-Sxxx Screwless connection option 11xxf

Lighting Switch Ultra Surface IP20


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Lighting Switch MASKA Waterproof Suface IP54


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Control all lamps of LED, fluroscent,incandlescent and halogen Kema/NF/FIMKO/NEMKO/SEMKO/CCC/BS

Lighting Switch System 55


Hook to wall box option

Lighting Switch System 63

111x0L-Sxxx 1 Way

112x0L-Sxxx 2 Way

113x0L-Sxxx 3 way/Intermediate/Cross

11970L-Sxxx 2-Pole

13910L-Sxxx Rotary 2-Pole

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All lighting application, connection and customized symbols

Surface zRoom Wall Control


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Add smart lighting solutions quickly.

Touch zHouse iTablet

1373R-xx-Sxxx Single/Double/Triple/Four

iModule+Push Button Switch

11412x+11222R-11 Single,1-gang

11422x+11222R-12 Double,2-gang

11222R-14 Triple/Four

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Make switch smart

  • Single Two Way Switch-White-Lotus
  • Lotus timer-white
  • iTabletSpotlight
  • Wintop Touch Four wall switch with power meter  Z-Wave EU FREQUENCY-white
    iTabletSwitchFour Touch four Switch Tablet Glass 6A,250V Touch theglass for inclusion,exclusion. Led indicator for working status On/off button and toggle button to control 2 loads Availble color:black,white
  • TABLET 窗帘双开复位带上下控制-豪华灰