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Z-Wave wireless heating appliances either controls the warm water heat (Thermostat Valve controls), the electrical boiler or a Infrared enabled climate control. Some devices such as TRV integrate sensor, actor and control algorithms while other device implement only certain functions oft he control loop. Most heating and cooling controls also report the actual temperature and partly the humidity in the room controlled.

  • zAirco Z-Wave to IR Extender(ZW2IR) EU
  • iSensor Remote 3-in-1 PIR Sensor-White-Inner box
  • Wintop Touch motor  shutter blind wall switch  Z-Wave-US FREQUENCY

    iTabletShutter US
    -Controlled remotely or by touch,with open/stop/close function
    -Configurable parameters of full open/close time,invert open/close,delay time etc.
    -LED status indicating