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Sensors are either binary – they report an on/off status like Motion detectors, smoke detectors or door/window sensors or they are analog. In this case they report a continuous measuring value such as temperature, humidity or light level. Sensors report their value to the central z-wave controller entity for display or other usage but they can also directly control other actuators.

  • zAirco Z-Wave to IR Extender(ZW2IR) EU
  • iButton Remote Panic Button-White-Inner box
  • iDoorSensor Remote Door Contact-White-Inner box
  • iSensor Remote 3-in-1 PIR Sensor-White-Inner box
  • iAlarm
  • iSensor Smoke
    Detect smoke and alarm
    Trigger a security system
    SMS and e-mail notification for emergency or low battery alarm
    indicator light will indicate the status of the iSmokeSensor
    Joint alarm with video surveillance
  • Wintop flood Sensor 3 in 1 Z-Wave (water ,temperature,tamper)
    Wintop Leakage Sensor 3 in 1 Z-Wave (water ,temperature,tamper)
  • Wintop multi sensor 4 in 1 with 360 degree pan/tilt Z-wave (motion,temperature,illumination,tamper )-US FREQUENCY
  • Wintop flood Sensor 3 in 1 Z-Wave (water ,temperature,tamper)
  • zigbee alarm