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Remote Controls

Remote Controls are the mobile control devices of a Z-Wave network. They control other devices directly but they are also more and more used to trigger complex operations such as scenes in the controller. Remote controls are battery operated and only active when a button is pressed. Hence any change of the configuration requires a manual wakeup. The big advantage of a remote control is the ability to establish a wireless connection within the Z-Wave network from any physical location.

  • NFC Remote Tag Reader- White-Inner box
    ZRoom 7
  • Smart Scene controller 2Z+
  • Wintop RFID Keypad tag Reader Z-Wave-EU FREQUENCY
    RFID tag reader arm or disarm your house by valid RFID tag(13.56MHz,ISO 14443A) or pressing right code Active scenarios with "home", "away" or presetting mode by different home id send an alarm message when tampered