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Switch actuator

iModule Switch Insert switch all kind of loads on or off. They are places in a wall box (pattress box). The come in two versions. Wireless Wall Switches in various designs replace the conventional wall switch. Switching inserts are mounted into the wall box behind the conventional switch. Besides switching the attached load locally or wirelessly these products can issue switching commands to control other actuators in the Z-Wave network.

Within a Z-Wave network controllers are often realized as wall switches. These wall switches typically operate as static controllers since they are fixed at a certain point in the room. They control other Z-Wave devices like light switches, dimmer or window blinds.

  • iModuleDim Remote Build-in Dimmer Module-inner box
    Quick start iModuleDim Product Number 13732R-S0084-P950
  • iModuleDim-Mini
  • iModuleDouble-Mini
  • iModuleSingle-Mini
  • iModuleShutter-Mini
  • iShutter
  • iModule Remote Build-in Module Double Switch - inner box
  • iModuleShutter Build-in Module Shutter Switch-inner box
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  • iPlug Remote Plug-in Appliance Adaptor-White-Inner box