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i2 Smart Energy

i2 Touch Energy|2017Q2 Key Products

zHouse Touch>

Sense start from Automation >

Varities of styles and colors. Distinguished with customized labels


SwitchDIY APP>

i2 Kit Accessories

iHub >

iLed、iLedRGB 、iPlug >




iTachflex >

SwitchDIY Smart Touch Kits>

i20 House Touch Kit>

i22 Hotel Touch Kit>

i27 Office Touch Kit>

i2 Installation Accessories


55/63 Switch Socket>


  • i10 office
    APP X1 zRoom X2 iHub X1 iModuleShutter X2 zAirco X2 iSensor X1
  • i12D
    SwitchDIY APP x1 zRoom x2 iHub x1 iLedRGB x2 iModuleShutter x2
  • i20 Scene Comfort Automation
    APP x1 zHouse x10 iHub x1 IPAV100 x1 zAirco x2 iSensor x1