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Karat 55K

The Karat White range reaches from wiring devices, through innovative radio automation solutions up to fully networked home automation in a unique aesthetics.

DesignZoo Space Apartment

  • 55K - Karat Shutter switch with up/down marks-Ivory
    55K -Shutter switch with up/down marks-Ivory
  • 55K - RC Dimmer-Ivory-Karat
    55K - RC Dimmer-Ivory-Karat
  • 55K - Two gangs outline frame-Karat-Ivory-in shrink+red inner box
    55K - Two gangs outline frame-Karat-Ivory
  • 55K Pull switch-Karat-Ivory-in shrink+red inner box
    55K Pull switch-Karat-Ivory-karat
  • 55K Doorbell Switch-Ivory -Karat
    55K - Doorbell Switch-Ivory -Karat