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Wintop Making a Name on HongKong Electronics Fair 2017

    Experience advanced technology, share intelligent life.2017 Hong Kong Electronics Fair(Autumn) will be held in Hongkong from 13th to 16th Oct.
   As the global leading manufacturer in the field of smart home, Wintop will participate in the exhibition focused on” Smart Building, Smart Lighting, Smart Hotel”etc.
Our object is to express the important information that Wintop has abundant experience in design, development and manufacture. Through the exhibition, we will prove that we are able to provide the practical advanced energy-saving, lighting control, security and entertainment solutions to customers, and communicate with potential customers all over the world.
    During the exhibition, Wintop will bring forth the signature , delicate switches ,such as Lotus, Lux,Tablet, and smart systems including shading and lighting control, hospitability ,home-cinema and central control etc.

Date: 13th Oct to 16th Oct, 2017
Booth No.:CH-J06
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