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L&B Exhibition Open with Eye to the Trend of Lighting Indust

 Frankfurt Light & Building Exhibition took place from 13th to 18th March is an international event that transforms into the show ground of latest
solutions and systems with complete focus on the latest trends in the lighting industry.Invited by the exhibition host, Wintop attends the fair with
the best selling switches and sockets with red label System 63mm and System 55mm panel for DIY and project consumers around the world, but
also the innovative home automation from black label i1 to i7 solutions to our modern life. Let us take a close look at the highlights.

Flush System 55mm: central plate with square cut-out (55x55 mm)
       For the Europe market, the main plate type is 63x63mm which is well recognized by esteemed customers.However,The new
quality of Wintop creative switch design with 55x55mm central plate is shaped by renowned architects and designers, especially
for the German market. It can be used universally for private rooms, but also in hotels. No matter the outline frame,or the panel/cover
color, many options are available to match your decoration and meet your different requirement. With the below mentioned advantages,
the new refined switches are highly appraised.

1. Global Safety Standard Certified: Kema, Fimko, NF, CCC, BS and FCC.
2. Multi Switch Specifications: IEC 1,2,6 etc
3. Material Insert: Copper & Silver Contact in Mold Stamping Riveting.
4. Material cover: Thermoplastic cover (PC), impact-proof and fracture-resistant, UV-resistant, free of PVC and halogen.
5. Design Panel: Customized Laser Engraving.
6. Material Frame: Automobile Industry Standard Galvanized Metal
7. These switch ranges are available in 1gang to 3gang cover frames
8. Cover frames can be mounted vertically or horizontally
9. Design Panel: Easy remodel upgrade to hundred slections of Design Switch without touching the wiring functions.
10. Design Functions: Anytime,any space and any project process or buget IoT upgrade to smart solutions without touching the wiring functions.
Surface SwitchDIY Wall Control
       Surface Wall Control looks like the normal wall switches with switching paddle and mounting frame, but they are flat and can be
installed on every even surface in the home. Powed by batteries,they are therefore ideally suited for retrofitting the home. They control other
devices directly, but they are also more and more used to trigger complex operations such as scenes in the controller.

       Within a Z-Wave network, they are often realized as Surface switches,they control other Z-Wave devices like light switches, dimmer or
window blinds. SwitchDIY Surface wall control are distinguished primarily by their colour design as part of a complete Wintop Switch series.
An additional distinguishing feature is the power supply, which is realized via the battery.

       In addition,the normal Wintop wall switches can still be used in a SwitchDIY Z-Wave network. Therefore the small iModules will be
integrated in wall boxes behind the switches and will work as wireless modules within the Z-Wave network.

i1 to i7 automation solutions : offering 7 ways to control light
       Wintop automation solutions offer the ultimate smart home automation solution by making the red label
switches and black label home automation systems you 
already use on a daily basis work together, seamlessly.
       i1 Lighting control Automation: iSurface and iModuleSwitch to control light directly, or 3-in-1 iSensor to
trigger switches to control light automatically.

       i2 Touch Scene Automation: With the touch iTabletScene Switch,Offer quick access to your favorite features, and
make your conference room solution based on 
Scene Control and Z-Wave Light, Blinds and AC controllers.
      i3 Shading automation: Utilizing the daylight reduces our need for electric lights, turn off the lights and open
the blinds in the morning ,and carry out in the opposite way in the evening.

       i4 Home Security Automation: The solution is based on iLock, which can trigger the lights on when you are back
home in the evening and turn the lights off when away from home at any time.

 i5 AV & HVAC system Automation: Start the movie,dim the lights and set the temperature with the Home Cinema
Controller. Also Automatically brighten the lights 50% when the movie is paused so you can make a quick trip to the snack bar in a safe way.

       i6 Mobile Security Automation: Provide precise control of daylight with a RFiD Tag button.
       i7 Utility Energy Saving Automation: Utilize IoT Networks linked to our Residential and Commerical Building systems to intergrate with Water, Electricity, 
Gas and Solar Power Mointering and Distribution, so you can keep “eye” on your house bill 24x7.
       Are you attracted by those fantastic arrivals? If you missed the grand event on site, you are welcomed to visit our booth to witness the new technologies in Shanghai and HongKong.
Expo Build China 2016
Booth No.: E2-B47
Date:29th March to 1st April
Hongkong Electronics Fair
Booth No.: 3CON-133
Date: 13th to 16th April